Dina Grisanti

Doctor: Dr. Yelena Belyayeva
Staten Island, NY

Practice: Psychiatrist

Primary Condition: Bipolar Disorder
Condition 2: Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
Condition 3: Borderline Personality Disorder

Rating: 2 stars

My lithium levels are low and I have been on it for almost a year now


Doctor: Dr. Robert Bunge
Lexington, KY

Practice: Psychiatrist

Primary Condition: Panic Disorder
Condition 2: Anxiety

Rating: 0 stars

I would not recommend this doctor. He doesn\'t base his diagnosis on session with you. I thought he was a caring doctor, who wouldn\'t hurt me, as the previous one I saw before him did. He seemed to not believe what I told him, rather believed someone else, who was angry at me and lied to him. This doctor never got to know the real me. by talking to someone other than me and assuming I am what I am not.

He didn\'t ask me to get a second opinion. I got my own second opinion on this misdiagnosis, however my husband doesn\'t care. This doctor asked me about my husband, no one else. I\'m afraid because of what he did, a diagnosis such as he gave me would get me killed.


Doctor: Skivkumar Hatti
Media, PA

Practice: Psychiatry

Primary Condition: Anxiety
Condition 2: Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

Rating: 0 stars

Horrible psychiatrist. I can do a better job of diagnosing myself!

Terrible psychiatrist

Doctor: Laurance F. Johnson
Pasadena, CA

Practice: psychiatry

Primary Condition: Depression

Rating: 0 stars

I knew Dr. Johnson for many years. I also know, and know of, other doctors who worked with Dr. Johnson . They all basically said the same thing about Dr. Johnson, which is that he has anger issues, and that he is arrogant and uncaring. I should mention that the last time I saw him was in 1994 (that year is not given as an option under "date of last visit"), but he's still in private practice in Pasadena, CA.

When I was a patient of Dr. Johnson's, another therapist eventually got Johnson to refer me to someone else. Years later, I learned that this other therapist believed that Johnson had "badly damaged" my life, and he said Johnson was a "terrible therapist". When I began seeing Dr. Johnson, I was a child. After I began seeing Dr. Johnson, my grades dropped drastically, and I began getting into trouble in school.

I also became very depressed. When my mother told Johnson about my grades going down, he told her "It's normal for a child's grades to go down when they first start therapy." That's not true.He made it up. But my parents trusted him. Sometimes during my therapy sessions, he would tell me about, and put down, other patients of his.

He is also very anti-gay. He put down, and made fun of, his gay patients during my sessions. Dr. Johnson also likes to cuss, and talk about sex, in front of his child patients .He will bring up adult sexual topics in front of kids, without the patient having brought up the topic first. When he talked about sex, he often used words that you would expect to hear from a truck driver, like "f*ck" "screw" "t*ts" and "prick".

He often said really strange things during my sessions that had nothing to do with anything I said or did. When I was in high school, he told me a story about an adult male patient of his who couldn't get an erection. I don't know how a story like that is relevant to the life of a high school age girl.

He told me many stories about his patients sex lives.He regularly talked about his personal problems...his ex-wives, his kids, problems with his patients. My parents paid thousands and thousands of dollars to this man over the years, so that I could sit there and listen to him talk about his problems and make his weird comments. He could also be verbally abusive to me.

He would say things to me like "Can you get that through your thick skull?". On one occassion, I was taking antibiotics for the flu, along with the Prozac and Xanax that Johnson had put me on.I had a very negative physical reaction. At the time, I didn't know what the problem was.I was scared.We called Dr. Johnson, thinking he would know if it had to do with the meds he prescribed.

I spoke to Johnson on the phone. Described to him what I'd been experiencing. He said to me "You don't have a brain", and he laughed. Plus he didn't know what the problem was, and was very irritated that I'd contacted him.He said he'd have to consult another doctor.Later, on another day, Johnson told me he talked to another doctor, who told him that the problem was the mixing of medications, and to stop taking the Prozac and Xanax while on the flu medication.

It seemed odd that Johnson didn't know something as basic as that himself. At that point he'd been a psychiatrist for about 25 years. Sometimes during my sessions he would make fun of, and put down, the parents (of his child patients). A lot of parents got angry with him for how he spoke to their children. Dr. Johnson would imitate the parents in front of me, mocking them.

..Do not take your kids to this guy.


Doctor: Dr. Herman Gelber
Toronto, IX

Practice: Hospital: The Scarborough Hospital

Primary Condition: Borderline Personality Disorder
Condition 2: Depression

Rating: 1 star

Made a quick diagnosis. After I attempted suicide, made another diagnosis. Both were wrong. Gave me lots of meds. Kept asking pointless questions about my \\\"schizophrenia\\\". In hindsight, I can\\\'t relate how unintelligent he was. Has a good reputation among other doctors - I have no idea why. On the good side he did let me go off some medications when they clearly weren\\\'t helping.

Cannot relate how obtuse he was with me. The worst part is he\\\'s an overconfident sort and is unlikely to recognize his mistake. I hope he does a more thorough examination of his patients these days, because my experience was outright ridiculous.

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